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Sonic the Hedgehog director defects to Nintendo

Pitchforks at the ready, everyone! Hirokazu Yasuhara, director of the Mega Drive era Sonic titles, has taken a position at Nintendo.

3 Publish date Apr 5 2012

Sonic and Me

Sonic the Hedgehog is the reason I got into gaming. I'm not trying to over-dramatise that, as I'm sure if it wasn't for him there would be some other 90s mascot that triggered my lifelong hobby. But for me it was Sonic, and that means something.

12 Publish date Jun 23 2011

Sonic The Hedgehog: This is your Life

There's no denying that the blue hedgehog is one of the video game industry's most enduring characters, but his path has been bumpier than the Green Hill Zone itself.

3 Publish date Jun 23 2011

Vanquish shipped 820,000 copies in 2010

Sonic Colours approaching two million.

Publish date Feb 4 2011

UK Video Game Chart: Assassin's fails to kill Black Ops

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit has to settle for third place.

6 Publish date Nov 22 2010

New Sonic has been designed to appeal to Mario fans

SEGA hopes to attract a new audience.

1 Publish date Oct 12 2010

Sonic Colours out November 12

First gameplay trailer released.

Publish date Aug 9 2010

Sonic Colours Preview

Primary Colours.

Publish date Aug 2 2010

Sonic Colours has 'nailed' the Sonic experience

The game won't fall into the Sonic Cycle, says producer Takashi Iizuka.

4 Publish date Aug 2 2010

Free hedgehog hat with Sonic Colours pre-orders

Look like Sonic when you play as Sonic.

7 Publish date Jul 12 2010

All-new Sonic game for Wii/DS this year

Sonic Colours sees the blue hedgehog racing through theme park-inspired worlds.

Publish date May 26 2010

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