Scarface: The World Is Yours

Scarface: The World Is Yours Cheats for Wii

On: WiiPCPS2Xbox

Videogame version of the classic film.

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Cheats & Hints 1

Cheat Codes
Pause the game, select CHEATS from the menu, then enter any of the following cheat codes:

FPATCHFill Balls (Trigger Blind Rage)
OLDFASTSpawn Ariel MK III (Race Car)
DOZERSpawn Bulldozer
BUMMERSpawn Bodog Stampede
DUMPERSpawn Odin VH88
666999Spawn Bacinari
BLACKBlack Suit
BLUESHBlue Suit w/ Shades
GREYGrey Suit
GREYSHGrey Suit w/ Shades
SANDYSandy Shirt
SANDYSHSandy Shirt w/ Shades
WHITEWhite Suit
WHITESHWhite Suit w/ Shades
MEDIKFull Health
AMMOMax Ammo
TUNEMEOriginal Sound Track
MARTHAChange Time of Day
FLYSTRTDecrease Cop Heat by 1000
NOBALLSDecrease Gang Heat by 1000
DONUTIncrease Cop Heat by 1000
GOBALLSIncrease Gang Heat by 1000
SHAZAAMToggle Lightning
RAINYToggle Rain
TBURGLRRepair Tony's Car

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Savegames 1

Download: Savegame (EU)

RSCP - 100% Completed. All missions done, All items bought.

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User Comments

Chufface's Avatar


The cheat for Full Health does not work does any know why?
Posted 00:48 on 28 April 2009
Deadgar's Avatar
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there ain't no money cheats or drug cheats so stop asking....
Posted 19:34 on 18 February 2009
read this's Avatar
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read this

i made 7 mill by distributing key
Posted 19:09 on 15 February 2009
pc1234's Avatar
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HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!NEED.BIG .MONEY/DRUG CHEAT SO ******* BADLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !I.AM.BEGGING.
Posted 00:57 on 07 February 2009
connor's Avatar
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i think u guy's should have a money cheat so we can buy stuff faster and get more money faster.
Posted 04:09 on 01 February 2009
time's Avatar
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need money or drug cheat big time
Posted 21:39 on 27 January 2009
bamf's Avatar
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How do you get to the northern islands to get storehouses?
Posted 22:57 on 12 January 2009
robert's Avatar
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i need a big money cheat
Posted 02:42 on 04 November 2008
meteor23's Avatar
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money and drug cheats money payday (250000 dollars) and icecream ( 100,000 gs of coke) by the way these dont work so dont try i was told these and i tried they dont work for me but you can try them
Posted 12:37 on 01 November 2008
meteor23's Avatar
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e is a lose cop heat cheat cue its up there and heres a hint if you waant to lose the cops and gangs thta are chasing you go to the empire menu and change to the enforcer driver or assasin and when oyu change back you dont have cops or gangs after you anymore awesome huh
Posted 12:24 on 01 November 2008
meteor23's Avatar
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is there an actual money cheat and that 1 gulubol is funny but be serious is there a money or drug cheat
Posted 12:20 on 01 November 2008
craig's Avatar
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need a money cheat
Posted 19:52 on 26 October 2008
lol's Avatar
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good one jimmy... how many dosey cockaroaches tried it?
Posted 19:01 on 10 September 2008
jimmy's Avatar
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there is a cheat to get $1 000 000 and 10 000g the cheat is Gulubol try this and it will work
Posted 10:21 on 25 August 2008
dude's Avatar
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you just pwn them badly that was awsome
Posted 19:24 on 20 August 2008

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