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The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition screenshot
The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition screenshot So far your games tend to come out as digital downloads on PC and WiiWare and then they come to XBLA. Will that continue or are you looking to get a day and date for the XBLA versions?

DC: Wallace & Gromit was PC and XBLA. We’ve got to figure out with Microsoft what the right project is for them. We pump out so much content so fast. Microsoft has a pretty big infrastructure and there’s a lot of demand for the various slots. It’s something that we’ve got to work out with them, with timings and things like that. We’d love to be on XBLA with all our products, and certainly we’d love to day and date with specific products as much as we can with them. It’s just a matter of getting the relationship smoothed out to a place where our turnaround and their programming schedule match up and make sense. Sam & Max is obviously popular. How many seasons have they got in them?

DC: (Laughs) We often have talked about the 14th season of Sam & Max. To me the exciting thing is definitely the way the characters have developed over time, the way their universe has developed over time. So long as we can keep it fresh and original. I was really excited that Season Two was even better than Season One. Not to talk people away from Season One, I felt we got better at doing what we do and the stories were better and we were more focused on making it more episodic. It was just a better experience. If Season Three ends up improving upon that then Season Four will be a no brainer. It’s how long we can keep the positive momentum going for the franchise and making the experience better and better each time out. You’ll know – what exactly is Max?

DC: (Laughs) I have heard the term lagomorph and rabbity thing. A lagomorph is a bunny-like creature. Like a rabbity thing?

DC: (Laughs) A rabbity thing, yeah. I think a lagomorph is the scientific description for anything with big ears. Browsing through Telltale’s forums, some of your fans have wondered about your support for the PS3. We haven’t seen any of Telltale’s games come to the PSN. Is there a reason for that?

DC: Telltale’s been growing rapidly and nailing the episodic production process and going after these licenses and building a company. We just got on Xbox in May. The PSN’s our next target. We’ve just got to get the plan in place to start moving stuff over in that direction as well. We want to be on every channel. We want to get there as fast as we can, but there are limitations of hours in the day! It’s certainly a huge deal for us and we want to be there. It’s exciting the way Sony's pushing PSN. One of the most interesting things for me between the three consoles is the way they’re all evolving their own downloadable experience. They all have a different approach to it. For us, being able to get in each of them and make our content appropriate for their understanding of the online space helps us be more flexible and dynamic. What’s required that’s different for a PSN version of Sam & Max or Monkey Island for example?

DC: Aside from the differences in the hardware of the boxes, Xbox is focused on the Achievements and leaderboards. To them that’s a huge piece of driving sales and keeping players engaged and making the online experience special for the users. For them that’s a big deal that they always push. They happen to be try before you buy, so you always have to do a demo and your demo has to motivate people to come over and buy the product. And then they’re also very much a multimedia box now. The way you communicate to people about your games through movies and different theme packs and all those things that enhance the game experience, Xbox is pretty far along with that stuff.

WiiWare on the other hand has its 40MB limit and is more of a direct store. No demos for WiiWare at all. The system for the movies and the around the game stuff, they’re not as demanding about that stuff. So it’s a different mindset over there for the type of content the WiiWare audience is used to.

And then my assumption with PSN and especially working with Home, is you’ve got to think about the whole experience for the user when they enter the franchise world and get in and interact with your product. It’s real interesting what they’re doing with that and there’s a great opportunity to build interactive storefronts and things like that, to help you introduce people to your games and characters. Obviously for us it’s a huge deal because you need to get to know Sam & Max a little bit before you’re ready to jump in and make the purchase. Is it just that making it work for PSN and Home is a pain in the arse?

DC: You know it’s different. It’s a different box than the others. They all have their own things about it and you can only focus on one at a time. With Strong Bad, it seemed like such a great Wii title that we started working on that one first. Then Wallace & Gromit, we talked with Microsoft about that one for a long time and they really wanted to do it, so we ended up there. So really it’s just the next in line, and it brings a lot of challenges. It’s unique, it’s a different box. You need to focus on it and you need to focus a team on it. It’s just having the time to sit down and do the work. Once it’s over then we’re just going to undo the tap and all the content is going to pour into the PSN. Hopefully we can figure out the right arrangements from a business standpoint. So your PS3-owning fans have much to look forward to?

DC: Oh yeah. We’re definitely trying to get there as quick as we can with everything. Once we’re there we’ll be on all three services and that’ll be a huge accomplishment for the company.

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CheekyLee's Avatar


A whole lot of interesting snippets in that one. I particularly like the way he realises that XBLA, PSN, and WiiWare are all different ventures, and need to be approached focussing on their individual strengths.

I look forward to decorating my HOME apartment with assorted Monkey Island items!
Posted 11:55 on 23 June 2009


Cool, I cant wait to see what they have planned for us on PS3. Nice interview
Posted 18:47 on 22 June 2009

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