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Adult Wii games need an ‘X-Factor’ to sell, the producer of Resident Evil 5 and Wii exclusive Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles has said.

Following the relatively poor chart positions of high-profile Wii games The House of the Dead: Overkill, MadWord and No More Heroes, a perception has arisen that adult games struggle to sell on Nintendo’s family-centred console.

However, Capcom’s Resident Evil series has bucked the trend. Last year’s on-rails shooter Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles sold well enough to justify a sequel, Darkside Chronicles, due out this winter.

Speaking to, Capcom’s Masachika Kawata said that he considers positive sales for mature Wii games “a reward” for the effort the company puts into creating them.

“First of all I don’t think that Resident Evil was the only exception selling on Wii,” he said. “There are other hardcore titles, such as Call of Duty, which were quite successful on Wii as well. People get this perception that on Nintendo Wii all there is are cutesy games. However, when you actually try to develop a game on Wii it costs you money, it’s time consuming and it’s not the easiest console to deal with.

“We were serious about creating and developing this particular game, and therefore the fan will accept and recognise our effort. I’m considering it a reward for our effort if you like. And also, we were lucky that we’ve got the Resident Evil brand, which is well-known all around the world.”

He added: “There are good games that didn’t sell, obviously. You need an X-Factor. However, vice versa people won’t buy it if it’s not a good game.”

You’ll get everything you need from our Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles game page.

What’s your take on the mature games on Wii debate? Let us know in the comments section below.

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User Comments

Mr_Ninjutsu's Avatar


A lot of shaking the contoller then. But yeah, I think if x-rated games were to be released on the Wii then it's image of family friendly would be ruined.
Posted 08:06 on 14 November 2009
hoanbo2612's Avatar


Maybe even try changing your Wii's video mode from
NTSC to PAL, and vice versa. Make sure the .iso you're using hasn't
had a patch video mode, or been patched to use an IOS other than
IOS53, or been patched at all. Make sure it's not a bad dump, etc.
If it still gives a black screen, then we're not quite sure why it's
not working for you. Maybe there's a setting you missed and
didn't change.
Posted 02:32 on 14 November 2009
Woffls's Avatar


Pretty much what Lee said, not sure what he's saying that we don't know already, just that the marketing strategies for 'core' games work on Wii the same way they do on any other platform.
Posted 18:10 on 10 July 2009
CheekyLee's Avatar


Developer says that developers need to make sure the game is worth developing in order for it to sell.

In other news, the dinosaurs died out years ago.
Posted 17:52 on 10 July 2009
rbevanx's Avatar


Well it's more of a party/family console to me. The games that tend to sell are Wii fit and Tiger Woods etc.
Alot of the shooters at launch may have put people off too,like Red Steel and Call of Duty on it.
Posted 18:21 on 09 July 2009

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