Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles for Wii

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Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles

First Resident Evil game for Wii. Score:


Our Verdict: If you're not a Resi fan it's worth a rent. If you are it's worth a purchase. Either way you'll have a thoroughly decent blast.

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Resi producer: Adult Wii games need ‘X-Factor’ to sell

Capcom's Kawata says Wii isn’t the easiest console to deal with.

5 Publish date Jul 9 2009

Umbrella Chronicles gets sequel

The Darkside Chronicles is a light gun shooter set in the world of Resident Evil 2.

Publish date Mar 11 2009

Disappointing Wii sales for Zack & Wiki and Okami

Resident Evil 4 and Umbrella Chronicles do OK on Wii, though.

4 Publish date Feb 11 2009

Resident Evil series is Capcom's biggest

34.5 million units of the survival horror series have been sold.

1 Publish date May 27 2008

Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles tops 1 million

Capcom's Wii Zapper compatible shooter has reached the 1 million units shipped milestone.

Publish date Mar 4 2008

Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles nears a million sales

The on rails shooter surpasses 950k sales and betters estimates by 50%.

Publish date Feb 6 2008

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Resi producer: Adult Wii games need ‘X-Factor’ to sell in Article Comments

Mr_Ninjutsu's Avatar

A lot of shaking the contoller then. But yeah, I think if x-rated games were to be released on the Wii then it's image of family friendly would be ruined.

Resident Evil Thread in General Gaming

South_East_Jedi's Avatar

Wido - you can replay missions on any difficulty, you can even collect the gold / treasures you already have and this adds to your total, makes things easier to unlock / upgrade - can't believ you...

Disappointing Wii sales for Zack & Wiki and Okami in Article Comments

CheekyLee's Avatar

Forgetting of course that Okami was released on the PS2 two years before the Wii version, and that it sold even LESS on PS2. Here's an idea ; Try advertising your games if you want people to buy...

Game Stats

Release Date: 30/11/2007
Developer: Capcom
Publisher: Capcom
Genre: Survival Horror
No. Players: 1-2
Rating: BBFC 15
Site Rank: 11,525 36
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