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Resident Evil Zero

Resident Evil Zero is a prequel to the first Resident Evil title and follows Rebecca Chambers on the day preceding the Mansion incident. Score:


Our Verdict: Resident Evil Zero is a well designed survival horror game that offers more scares than Resident Evil 4 and 5 combined, but its dated gameplay will turn away many.

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Resi Evil Zero Wii re-release set for Jan 22

Classic survival horror game offered at a low price on Wii.

7 Publish date Oct 29 2009

Resident Evil Classics coming to Wii

The GameCube's Resident Evil and Resident Evil Zero 'reworked' to support the Wii Remote.

Publish date Mar 13 2009

Resident Evil series is Capcom's biggest

34.5 million units of the survival horror series have been sold.

1 Publish date May 27 2008

Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles tops 1 million

Capcom's Wii Zapper compatible shooter has reached the 1 million units shipped milestone.

Publish date Mar 4 2008

Resident Evil Zero Wii for Japan only

Capcom reveals that the GameCube to Wii port is staying in Japan.

Publish date Feb 28 2008

Resident Evil Zero port for Wii

Expected to be a straight port with the addition of Wii controls.

2 Publish date Feb 27 2008

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Resident Evil Zero in General Gaming

guyderman's Avatar

LOL! - it's always the way - it's never something complicated that gets us stuck! Glad it helped - hope you enjoy the game :0)

Resident Evil Zero Review in Article Comments

Bloodstorm's Avatar

More deserving than a 6, it was different yes i'd have given it an 8.

Resi Evil Zero Wii re-release set for Jan 22 in Article Comments

guyderman's Avatar

I love the old Resi's but I have to admit Ben remakes in 4 & 5's style would be great!

Game Stats

Release Date: 22/01/2010
Developer: Capcom
Publisher: Capcom
Genre: Survival Horror
No. Players: One
Rating: BBFC 15
Site Rank: 3,722 1278
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