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Rabbids Go Home screenshot
Rabbids Go Home screenshot

Tom Orry, Editor - Rabbids Go Home, Wii
I didn't expect much from this latest Wii exclusive to star the cute, but mentally deranged Rabbids. How wrong I was. The simple collecting "stuff" gameplay that sees you riding around inside a shopping trolley is far more fun than I imagined it would be. It's a brilliantly presented game, too, with only the tediously repeated loading screen video to complain about. Most developers don't put the effort into Wii games, but Ubisoft Montpelier is clearly different. The entire premise a bit too simple for Rabbids Go Home to ever be regarded as a classic, but it's easily one of the best Wii games of 2009 and should be top of your wanted list if you're a Wii owner.

Grand Theft Auto IV: The Ballad of Gay Tony screenshot

Neon Kelly, Previews Editor - The Ballad of Gay Tony, Xbox 360
Prior to 2009, I don't recall ever playing a game that featured a shotgun with exploding ammo. Suddenly we've got three of them: Borderlands, Left 4 Dead 2 and The Ballad of Gay Tony. The GTA version is so powerful that initially seems totally out of place: one hit is enough to totally decimate anyone on foot, and two or three blasts will take down a police chopper. Before long, you realise that a weapon this crazy makes perfect sense within TBoGT - an expansion that seems to have been tailor made for all those people who found vanilla GTA IV too sombre and boring. Personally, I ended up missing the bleaker overtones from the adventures of Niko and Johnny Klebitz, but I certainly loved the madcap missions on offer. It'll be interesting to see how much of this craziness carries over to the next GTA game, wherever it ends up being.

Football Manager Live screenshot

James Orry, News Editor - Football Manager Live, PC
Picking up from last week, the Juicy Danglers are still sitting pretty at the top of the league with 37 points from 16 games. The team's rise to power has also seen a dramatic increase in demand for seats at the VideoGamer.com Lane stadium, where the capacity is currently being expanded to 41,000. It's expensive business, but the long-term gain for the club is clear to see: higher income means more funds available to bring in the best players, helping to ensure the club's meteoric rise isn't just a flash in the pan.

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves screenshot

Sebastian Ford, Video Producer - Uncharted 2, PS3
As it currently stands, this is my game of the year. Chris picked up the UC2 + PS3 slim bundle last week, and it already feels like he got his money's worth. It's a third-person cover-based shooter, but it's an adventure platformer as well, and a puzzle game too. Then there's the characters, the emotional rollercoaster of romantic subtext and the excellent balance of gameplay and cutscenes. I was amazed by how much I learned from that game as well. For example: if you go to Borneo or the Himalayas you should be prepared to kick down a lot of retractable ladders.

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User Comments

clangod's Avatar


When i've found the time lately it's been a mix between UC2, Flashpoint 2 and even a bit of GTAIV multi revisited. As a PS3 owner i'm still a bit dirty on Rockstar & MS for the exclusivity of Gay Tony as from what i've seen & read, it looks good.
Posted 17:55 on 10 November 2009
cousinwalter's Avatar


Demons Souls and its rock hard
Posted 15:53 on 09 November 2009
guyderman's Avatar


Just finished InFmous as a Good guy - didn't thrill me much to begin with but I must admit that I was hooked by the end - Fantastic Storyline and Great style to the graphic novel type cut scenes - recommended!
Posted 14:35 on 09 November 2009
xboxlive's Avatar


Just been playing alot of forza 3.
Posted 12:58 on 09 November 2009
Wido's Avatar

Wido@ scaz2244

Where abouts are you?
Posted 10:02 on 09 November 2009
scaz2244's Avatar


still trying to get into borderlands gay tony is pretty good and decided toi re play last years prince of persia any1 fancy helping me out on borderlands??:D
Posted 09:55 on 09 November 2009
Wido's Avatar


Been playing Ratchet & Clank: A Crack In Time and Smackdown Vs Raw 2010.

Ratchet & Clank, reminds me of two games when exploring in space. Super Mario Galaxy and Space Invaders. I really like this game and I don't see where people are disappointed.
Posted 09:04 on 09 November 2009
South_East_Jedi's Avatar


got a new TV, so trying out games in 1080p, Batman AA, Forza 3, CoD4, UC2, Killzone 2
Posted 08:56 on 09 November 2009
dudester's Avatar


Well I've just finished the fight and ton more enjoyable then odst was!
Halo 3 is pretty solid and I shall jump into the online soonish out of action now for couple of weeks.
I have played some episodes from liberty city, svr10, fifa 10 gears of war, uncharted 2 some football manager live, warhawk and short burst of l4d2 demo been a bust week :D
Posted 22:46 on 08 November 2009
Karlius's Avatar


Not playing anything at the moment just talking about gaming rather than doing the uni work I'm supposed to be doing.

God I feel like Bevan lol
Posted 22:06 on 08 November 2009
GeNeCyDe1993's Avatar


You mean 2 dazza ;) been playing FIFA10 myself.
Posted 21:50 on 08 November 2009
dazzadavie's Avatar


Played abit of Fifa 09 and the Left 4 Dead 2 demo, but most my playing time has been on GTA TBoGT, and yes the exploding rounds for the shotgun are *****ing great!!
Posted 20:41 on 08 November 2009
tashie55's Avatar
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i been playin cod modern warfare and at the mo am playing ballad of gay tony on the xbox. also like animal crossing and mario carts on the wii. lookin forward to the new cod tomorrow night.
Posted 20:27 on 08 November 2009
Rickitis's Avatar


Oblivion:GOTY Edition, Uncharted 2 and Fifa 10 for me. I wish Pro Evo got their act together because although Fifa 10 is good it still hasnt stolen my heart like Pes on PS2 did.
Posted 20:16 on 08 November 2009
jeffyboy40's Avatar


ive been playing cod2,finishing GOTYcontender uncharted 2,gay tony and borderlands split screen
Posted 15:44 on 08 November 2009

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