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Speaking to MCV, Codemasters duo, UK general manager Jeremy Wigmore and marketing VP Alex Bertie, have made it clear that the British publisher won't follow the crowd in releasing "crappy ports" and "big head sports" games on Wii.

"You can't ignore Wii, but it's bewildering watching what other publishers are doing," said Bertie. "Codemasters has taken a more cautious strategy on Wii which has been the right thing to do. We are not going to make cheap, crappy ports. DIRT on Wii, for instance, is not Mario Kart. Overlord 2 is a gamer's game. We're not planning to compete in this 'big head sports arena' that everyone is obsessed with - the shelves are cluttered with those games. What you'll see from us is quality games for gamers built for the Wii."

Wigmore added: "That's where we can excite retail further. There's only a number of times I think you can go to a retailer with a DS or Wii game which is that type of mass-market product. Those games just become white noise."

Is Codemasters right in wanting to bring real gamer's games to Wii or do you think the Wii is only good for one thing - Party games? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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the conduit - wii motion plus
house of the dead - overkill
deadly creatures
no more heroes
call of duty world at war
disaster - day of crisis
skate it
rock band 2
guitar hero - world tour
tiger woods 2010 - wiimotion plus
(only 1 game on this list was made by nintendo)

these plus MANY more are the real reasons to buy a wii. most are out now or they will be out within weeks!!!
Posted 12:50 on 04 March 2009
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What about Emergency Mayhem? That's a fairly crappy Wii port of a crappy PS2 game. Codemasters it talking bullsh*t.
Posted 10:55 on 04 March 2009

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