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No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle screenshot
No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle screenshot

Q: No More Heroes 2 is already out in the US. Does it look like it'll be more successful than the original?

Suda51: Of course we're happy if we can sell more units of No More Heroes 2 in the US rather than No More Heroes. And of course Rising Star [European publisher] will work hard to push this title in Europe!

Q: Travis Touchdown is quickly becoming one of the most iconic video game characters. Who inspired him? Does his fashion sense reflect yours?

Suda51: I've already mentioned that I got inspired by Johnny Knoxville in Jackass. The character itself is just, if I put the element of Otaku to the character of Jackass, what kind of character would I create? Also the fashion, I like the style that Travis wears, so I wear clothes like that.

Q: In Desperate Struggle, there's more of an emphasis on retro arcade mini-games than in the first game. Was that a response to fan feedback or something you've drawn on from personal experience?

Suda51: No More Heroes is the game that puts a lot of different elements into the one game. The game itself is open to anything. So, any element fits into the game. I don't know why. Maybe the character of Travis is just like that. I'm not sure. For No More Heroes, there is an element of the 8-bit game, but you can't play. So when I decided to make No More Heroes 2, I definitely wanted to make 8-bit games the player could actually play. I ordered the team to create at least three games for side jobs the player can try, but in the end most of the side jobs ended up as retro games, because they enjoyed creating them as well.

Q: Would you consider putting a collection of the 8-bit games on DSiWare?

Suda51: Good idea! I want to do that! If you play it, each type of job you can really enjoy. They're not just a part of a side mission. Each game itself is of a really good quality, in fact.

Q: What's your assessment of the Japanese game industry today?

Suda51: Of course the situation three years ago, and now, has changed. We have iPhone, PSN, WiiWare. We can have a small project that people can try, which is good for newcomers and new game designers. For example, if I have an idea, it doesn't necessarily have to be a mega title, or a console title. There's a lot of potential to do a game in a different way, which is really good for the market. That's what I think.

No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle screenshot

Q: Why didn't you choose to use Wii MotionPlus in the game? Were you tempted to support the Wii Balance Board, or other Wii peripherals?

Suda51: For No More Heroes 2, the players enjoy slashing and killing the enemies. That's the most important thing for the gamer to feel. So I thought that it wasn't necessary to put MotionPlus into the game.

Q: No More Heroes is full of sexual references. Why did you make the beam katana a metaphor for a massive penis, and make players look like they're masturbating when they're playing the game?

Suda51: [Laughs] I'm a gentleman, but he [points to a poster of Travis Touchdow] is not! Especially, he saves his game in the toilet!

Q: What's he supposed to be doing in the toilet?

Suda51: The reason why I decided to save the game in the bathroom is because I got ideas when I was doing that in the bathroom! So that's why!

No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle, published by Rising Star Games, is due out in Europe at the end of April.

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User Comments

Hiltz's Avatar

Hiltz@ SexyJams

Actually, the first NMH game wasn't a failure. In fact, it became Grasshopper Manufacture's best selling game. While it bombed in Japan, it sold close to half a million due to the sales in Europe and the United States.

You also have to remember that Ubisoft published the game but pretty much didn't lift a finger to market it. However, the PAL version sold better thanks to Rising Star's marketing of the title.

The main reason why Suda 51 wanted to make a sequel is because he liked Travis Touchdown as a character which inspired him to make his first attempt at a sequel.

I own both NMH and NMH 2. Personally, I think the sequel is more enjoyable. I do agree with you that it is a shame to see some worthwhile third-party games flop at retail because Wii owners mostly neglect them.
Posted 17:42 on 04 March 2010
SexyJams's Avatar


Clever questions Wes,
I've always wondered why they even bothered making a sequel after the first fail.
The Wii owners are seriously lucky this year with the games they're getting,
in all serious they really better buy them.
If they don't bother buying them then they can all just sjut up about no good games on the Wii, it'll be their fault.
Posted 08:08 on 04 March 2010

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