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No More Heroes 2 confirmed for Europe

Sequel to hit stores in April.

Publish date Feb 11 2010

No More Heroes confirmed for Xbox 360 and PS3

New mode features scantily clad women.

7 Publish date Nov 18 2009

No More Heroes to continue on Wii 2

Unlikely to be another game in the series for this generation.

Publish date Sep 22 2009

Resi producer: Adult Wii games need ‘X-Factor’ to sell

Capcom's Kawata says Wii isn’t the easiest console to deal with.

5 Publish date Jul 9 2009

No More Heroes sequel confirmed

Teaser trailer reveals it's coming, but there's no word on a release platform just yet.

1 Publish date Oct 9 2008

UK Video Game Chart: Mario & Sonic back at the top

Now seven weeks at the top for SEGA's Olympic Games title.

4 Publish date Mar 18 2008

Heads-up: What's new this week

A look ahead to Friday's new releases.

3 Publish date Mar 11 2008

No More Heroes started on Xbox 360

Only early knowledge of the Wii Remote resulted in the game being developed for Wii.

1 Publish date Feb 4 2008

Monday Morning Rant

Good third-party Wii titles aren't selling - and it's Nintendo's fault.

Publish date Jan 21 2008

3rd-party dev says only Nintendo is profiting from Wii

Suda 51, director of Killer 7 and No More Heroes, says third-party titles on Wii simply aren't selling in Japan.

Publish date Jan 17 2008

No More Heroes censored for Euro release

Violence found in North American release to be missing in European version.

Publish date Dec 10 2007

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