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Fanboys get riled over the littlest of things. It only takes one dodgy texture that looks fine on another console's version and all hell breaks loose across internet forums. So what would happen if massive fanboy enticing events shook the gaming world? We pretended we only owned one console to come up with the Top 10: Fanboy Nightmares. Read on for the events that would bring forums to a standstill.

10. GTA franchise becomes a shadow of its former self

Following EA's acquisition of Take-Two, we see major dilution of the GTA brand. Not only do we get yearly 'traditional' GTA games, resulting in shorter experiences, we also get spin off titles. The first is Need for Speed: GTA which sees players taking on the role of a police driver who gives chase to the many criminals who have appeared in the GTA video games. In one chase you are driving a SMART Car giving chase to GTA: San Andreas' CJ who is trying to escape the crime scene on BMX. Fans are so angry that they retaliate in the only way they know how: stop posting videos of huge explosions on YouTube.

9. Nintendo releases a real-world Mario FPS

In a drastic move away from fantastical Mario video games, Nintendo releases a Mario FPS. The game is set in the modern day with Mario now a young detective whose father is killed by notorious crime lord Bowser. In a tale of revenge Mario has to fight his way deep into the criminal underworld until he comes face to face with his father's murderer and can deliver payback, Italian style. It's an adults only title because of its strong language, sexual content and extreme violence. Mario fans would never be the same again.

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Halo targeting casual gamers?

I thought they did that already.
Posted 23:19 on 06 October 2008
Sweets's Avatar
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LOL!! i would be so pissed if sony charged for its online play!! 2me thats what seperates the two, apart from that who cares?? there both pretty much the same lol....geeks when will u learn?
Posted 03:17 on 18 April 2008
Ghost5's Avatar


Brilliant as always ;)
Posted 10:42 on 04 April 2008
Karlius's Avatar


Hay A-nob-y-much was onto something. Mainly Drugs lol. It's very funny article and i agree with Bloodstorm Sin City Mario is the best one. Lol its close to super mario the film. Extremely Funny.
Posted 23:07 on 03 April 2008
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Great comment from the anonymous person there, obviously read through and understood the article before posting. Clearly educated by a a toilet bowl too. They say intelligence is struggling in the youth of modern society - thanks for proving that point.
Posted 22:31 on 03 April 2008
Bloodstorm's Avatar


Absolutely love the Sin City Mario one. It's so worrying that may happen.
Posted 22:15 on 03 April 2008
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haha wicked.
Posted 20:46 on 03 April 2008
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Diablo 3 a console exclusive. this brought tears to my eyes :)
Posted 20:32 on 03 April 2008
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Posted 20:32 on 03 April 2008
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I love Number 3 the best. :D
Posted 20:03 on 03 April 2008
Rogue_Soul's Avatar


A great top 10 :D
Posted 19:20 on 03 April 2008
hay's Avatar
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definetly lol.
Posted 19:12 on 03 April 2008
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Posted 18:20 on 03 April 2008

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