GoldenEye 007 screenshot
GoldenEye 007 screenshot

As we've remarked before on several separate occasions, Eurocom's new GoldenEye is a peculiar mix of the new and the familiar. Thirteen years have passed, but somehow I'm here once again, fighting our way through a military base atop a dam in Arkhangelsk, Russia. Pierce Brosnan may have been switched out for Daniel Craig, the setting has jumped forward several years and the level layout is different, but in terms of feel and atmosphere, this is GoldenEye Chapter 1 all over again.

This is a significant demo in some ways, as this is the first time that Activision and Eurocom have allowed the press to go hands-on with the Dam level, rather than watching someone else demonstrate the stage. Bond, accompanied by his NPC ally (and soon-to-be nemesis) 006, begins the level by taking out some soldiers stationed in an around a watchtower at the edge of the base. The first two guards are taken down mid-chat via a classic creep-up-behind takedown; after that 006 heads off to secure a truck while Bond clears the tower. Just as the case was back in 1997, you're free to go in guns blazing or to take a more stealthy approach. I opt for the latter tactic, and against all expectations I actually do a half-decent job of silently snuffing the Ruskies - taking down the troopers with a silenced PPK.

As I reach the top of the tower, 006 notifies us that a small foot patrol is approaching the base entrance. While you're free to tackle this gang of five as you wish, the game encourages you to take the newcomers down with a sniper rifle that can be found at the top of the tower - one that's rather handily been fitted out with a thermal scope. When using this your foes stand out as white silhouettes against a dark background, making it easy to line-up and execute a series of lethal headshots. It's an effect that immediately recalls Modern Warfare 2, but as it turns out this is only the first of many CoD-like touches.

The next sequence finds Bond and his partner riding their commandeered truck towards the main entrance of the base. There's a short cutscene here, with the game retaining its first-person view. Though the sequence is quite brief, it's still laced with plenty of nice little details: Bond finds a photo of someone's girlfriend tucked behind the sun visor, takes a quick look and then casually throws it away. As the truck approaches a checkpoint, the posh-as-partridge-pie 006 enquires about whether Bond is still able to speak Russian; a terse exchange with the guards takes place, and when it becomes clear that the pair won't be able to talk their way into the base, 006 "does a Fargo" and caps the men leaning into the cockpit.

Naturally this causes something of a stir, resulting in another Call of Duty staple: the on-rails section. Bond shoots as 006 erratically drives through a small platoon's worth of troops, and eventually the vehicle flips over just outside another tower. Yet another Modern Warfare reference follows, as our two spies creep down an elevator shaft and, after peering through a crack in the elevator doors, prepare to breach and clear the room ahead. The doors are blown open in slow-motion, leaving the player with a few seconds to wipe out the surprised guards.

While GoldenEye supports no less than five different control setups, including the expected Nunchuck and Wii Remote combo, the Classic Controller appears to be the favoured peripheral at most preview events - and so the case is today. When played this way, GoldenEye handles much like any familiar console FPS. The left and right bumpers let you aim down your sights and fire, the twin sticks steer you about and guide your vision, while the D-Pad cycles through your weapons. There's an extremely generous snap-to mechanic in place, perhaps to compensate for the imprecise nature of the sticks, so it's extremely easy to take down the enemy - on the easiest difficulty at least. There also doesn't appear to be any restriction on how many weapons you can carry either - no Halo-style two-gun limit here.

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MJTH's Avatar


Brilliant preview just what I've been waiting for, some information on how its shaping. Deffinet from so far! :)
Posted 21:12 on 17 September 2010
reynoldio's Avatar


Definitely a purchase, loved this back in the day. Must have sunk hundreds of hours into it at Uni, great days...

Reading about that first mission I had it replaying frame-by-frame in my mind, cheers for the memories Neon!
Posted 22:01 on 16 September 2010
CheekyLee's Avatar


"Remove recharging health."
Local split-screen + online.
Oddjob fixed!

I think that all adds up to SOLD!
Posted 19:18 on 16 September 2010
Get2DaChoppa's Avatar


Great preview Neon, I haven't played Golden Eye in years, and somehow remember climbing up the tower to snipe at the guards, weird. Hopefully this new installment can live up to the original.
Posted 16:56 on 16 September 2010

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