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The latest in the long running series which is promising a huge number of improvements.

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FIFA 09 All-Play offers something for everyone
FIFA 09 All-Play offers something for everyone

FIFA 09 All-Play offers something for everyone

Football, as Jimmy Greaves once said, is a funny old game. In fairness, Greavsie probably meant it's funny as in it's a game of two halves and anything can happen (insert your own cliché here), but he almost certainly didn't have FIFA 09 on the Wii at the time.

If he had, he may have stayed in and drunk a bit less, but more importantly, he would have discovered that football can be many different kinds of fun when you grab its shirt tail, scythe it down mid-dribble, and spit a big gob of cuteness right in its contorted face.

Fortunately, that's exactly what EA has done with the latest instalment of their multi-million selling football franchise, giving the game a cheeky 'All-Play' sub- title and an extra 8 vs 8 'footii match' option among other novice-friendly features.

This means that, stood side by side on the shelf, the Wii version is a mischievous Paul Gascoigne to the PS3 and Xbox 360's more serious Neville brothers, but we all know what happened to the mercurial Geordie, so is this the best new football game on the Wii or will we soon find it slumped in a bargain bin feeling sorry for itself?

The extra 'All- Play' aspects offer four 'party games' unique to the Wii where players are a mixture of Miis and cutesy pro footballers. This isn't as bad as it sounds, although three of the games, juggling, boot it and table football are the same as in FIFA 08 and are included purely to appeal to the Wii's casual gamers.

There is some fun in sticking Wayne Rooney in goal and making him fling himself around, but it's pretty limited and even the addition of multiball in the slightly better table football doesn't make these extras worth much of your time.

What will interest some players though is the 8v8 Footii match, where the same big-headed superstar Mii players can be used to have a light-hearted kick around. There are 12 international teams on offer, and with each nation you beat, you take their particular superstar, from Ribery (complete with facial injuries) to Ronaldinho, until you've unlocked the all-star team.

It's a nice idea and a fun break from the real game at times, but 8v8 is the kind of feature that will only really last in multiplayer, and as far as we can see, there isn't an option to play this aspect online, instantly limiting its appeal.

Despite EA's efforts to appeal to novices there's still plenty here for hardcore footy fans

Despite EA's efforts to appeal to novices there's still plenty here for hardcore footy fans

The more serious game does have good online support though, and you can take on other gamers in one off games or online leagues with fairly minimal lag, a feature that adds longevity, particularly to a football game where players can dip in and out easily.

The Footii match is an attempt to make FIFA more accessible, particularly to the Wii audience with more young and casual gamers than other platforms, and for these players, it will add extra value (right down to showing you how many calories a game of table football has burned. We kid you not!). However, for the seasoned, serious as Steve Bruce's nose, 'I've played FIFA since 94' people, it will just be an annoyance.

So by trying to squeeze two ideas in for the price of one, have EA watered down the main game, leaving FIFA fans disappointed? Far from it.

Where FIFA 08 on the Wii had about as much strength in depth as the current Tottenham team, FIFA 09 has oodles of serious football action to keep anyone busy. There are 32 leagues and 22 cups all in all, and with every single whistle and bell that you'd expect from the FIFA licenses, the coverage is comprehensive.

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User Comments

mac daddy's Avatar
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mac daddy

i think its kind of good the graphics are better in the wii than in any
other system!!!
Posted 22:09 on 01 November 2008
PadMan's Avatar
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This game is great with it being very fun. The gameplay is really good and harder to master than on xbox 360 or PS3 but once you get the hang of it it's easy. The graphics are much better on xbox 360 and PS3 so would prefer it on those. Great game though.
Posted 19:47 on 01 November 2008
Internazionale's Avatar
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There ARE international teams on the Wii version - you just have to select the category in amongst the list the leagues which contains Barclays Premier, etc.

Does anyone know if it's possible to play a league or cup tournament with two human players taking control of two different human teams? It seems that you can only play 2 player co-op mode in the tournaments - is this right? I want to play a full season against computer and human teams.
Posted 12:55 on 29 October 2008
El Lobo's Avatar
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El Lobo

How is the play with the Gamecube controll? Good enough to hold my traditional FIFA side? And are there really no national teams?
Posted 00:56 on 27 October 2008
kelvin mukinta's Avatar
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kelvin mukinta

i dont think i will buy this game because of the big let down i had with 08 on the wii think i will stick with 09 on my 360
Posted 08:10 on 25 October 2008
Matias's Avatar
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No national teams on the Wii version??? Come on you are putting me on right?
Posted 20:03 on 23 October 2008
Alex's Avatar
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Its dissapointing that there are NO National teams in the Wii version, so ill wait untill Pro Evo Soccer 2009 comes arround.
Posted 03:02 on 22 October 2008
fifa mad's Avatar
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fifa mad

Fifa 09 all-play is pretty good. Now that theres manager mode. The Footii 8v8 thing is fun as well.
Posted 11:16 on 20 October 2008
qralex's Avatar
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I've got the game, and I think it's awesome. Especially multiplayer - either with my brother, or with a whole bunch of people on a party, this is great stuff!
I recommend it.
Posted 00:14 on 19 October 2008
Anonymous's Avatar
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how do you get the second wii remote locked in to play two or more players at one time?
Posted 18:42 on 15 October 2008
Lee Jamex's Avatar
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Lee Jamex

At first, It seems pretty lame to the serious gamer, but after a few plays online its pretty ace! just has its own feel instead of the normal buttom bashers on the xbox and playstation
Posted 23:16 on 14 October 2008
Jonny Jones's Avatar
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Jonny Jones

Bought it on Sunday. Played it a little bit and reckon it's quite good. Once you get used to the shooting it's not as random as you first think. The way you shake the romote and twist it actually influences how the player shoots, spin etc. Play it with the nunchuck to move your players and remote to pass and shoot and after about half a dozen games it's really natural.

Deffo worth 30 quid.
Posted 17:47 on 14 October 2008
I got fifa 08's Avatar
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I got fifa 08

A 9 seems very high for a game which hasnt got the features as the ps3/360 one. Is it really that good?
Posted 12:10 on 12 October 2008
Finny Fifa's Avatar
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Finny Fifa

Is this game really that good :O
I'm just still thinking or i want to buy it or not?
Does anyone have the game? Please say if it's good.
thank you.
Posted 20:37 on 10 October 2008
Diddy Drogba's Avatar
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Diddy Drogba

Hmmm where are the big heads? i thought this was fun?
Posted 15:42 on 07 October 2008

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