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Episode 57

Gran Turismo 5, Disney Epic Mickey and Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom. We also discuss if gaming is becoming too expensive? Warning: Features explicit language.

Publish date Nov 29 2010

Disney Epic Mickey Video Review

Hey Mickey you're so fine.

Publish date Nov 25 2010

Disney Epic Mickey: Characters Feature

A look at the new characters found in Cartoon Wasteland.

Publish date Nov 3 2010

Disney Epic Mickey: Heads-up: November 2010

The games to look out for this November.

Publish date Nov 1 2010

Disney Epic Mickey: Gameplay Trailer

A brief glimpse at the game's innovative paint and thinner gameplay mechanics.

Publish date Oct 26 2010

Disney Epic Mickey: Developer Diary #2

The Tale of Oswald.

Publish date Oct 14 2010

Disney Epic Mickey: Developer Diary #1

The Importance of Stortytelling.

Publish date Oct 5 2010

Disney Epic Mickey: Release Date Trailer

Available on Wii from Friday, 26 November.

Publish date Sep 16 2010

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Release Date: 26/11/2010
Developer: Junction Point
Publisher: Disney Interactive Studios
Genre: Adventure
Rating: BBFC U
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