Destroy All Humans! Big Willy Unleashed

Destroy All Humans! Big Willy Unleashed Cheats for Wii


Players control Crypto as he travels the world in the Funked Out 1970s, unleashing massive destruction on foot, in his UFO and for the first time, in the Big Willy mech.

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Cheats & Hints 1

Unlock all worlds:
At the unlockables menu, hold Up on the nunchuck analog stick for the cheat menu to appear. Then press Up, Right, Down, Right, Up on the Wiimote D-Pad.

Unlock all guns:

At the unlockables menu, hold Up on the nunchuck analog stick for the cheat menu to appear. Then press Right, Left, Down, Left, Up on the Wiimote D-Pad.


At the unlockables menu, hold Up on the nunchuck analog stick for the cheat menu to appear. Then press Left, Down, Up, Right, Up on the Wiimote D-Pad.

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Other 1

Game ID: RDHP78

Game Time 00:00:01
0541620C 00000001

Missions Attempted 1
054161F0 00000001

Max Cryptosporidium Clones Created
05416200 7FFFFFFF

Max Willy Recharges
054161F8 7FFFFFFF

Max Altitude Using Jetpack
05416210 7FFFFFFF

Longest Single Jetpack Flight
05416214 7FFFFFFF

Saucers Totaled 1
05416220 00000001

Longest Single Willy Rampage
05416218 00000001

Quickest Single Willy Rampage 1
0541621C 00000001

Max Humans Hypnotized
05416204 7FFFFFFF

Max Regurg-A-Tron Kills
054161E8 7FFFFFFF

Max Combatants Killed
05416178 7FFFFFFF

Max Zombies Created
0541617C 7FFFFFFF

Max Military Vehicles Destroyed
05416180 7FFFFFFF

Max Moving Civilian Vehicles Destroyed
05416184 7FFFFFFF

Max Damage Caused
05416188 7FFFFFFF

Max Ball Lightning Kills
054161B0 7FFFFFFF

Max Zap-O-Matic Kills
0541619C 7FFFFFFF

Longest Zap-O-Matic Chain
054161A0 7FFFFFFF

Max Anal Probe Kills
054161A4 7FFFFFFF

Max Disintegrator Kill
054161A8 7FFFFFFF

Max Ion Detonator Kills

Max Shrink Ray Kills
054161B4 7FFFFFFF

Max Zombie Gun Kills
054161B8 7FFFFFFF

Max Humans Abducted

Max Death Ray Kills
054161C0 7FFFFFFF

Max Sonic Boom Kills
054161C4 7FFFFFFF

Max Quantum Deconstructors Kills
054161C8 7FFFFFFF

Max Electro-cone Kills

Max Vehicles Drained
054161D0 7FFFFFFF

Max Boddies Snatched
05416194 7FFFFFFF

Total Time Snatched 1
05416198 00000001

Max Total Weight PK Carried
05416190 7FFFFFFF

Max Boddysnatch Mortality Rate
05416208 7FFFFFFF

Max Roller Girls Kills
05416264 7FFFFFFF

Max Civilians Killed
05416294 7FFFFFFF

Max Patty's Radicals Killed
054162C4 7FFFFFFF

Max Police Killed
05416324 7FFFFFFF

Max Humans Eaten
054161D8 7FFFFFFF

Max Humans Stunned

Max Heat Beam Eyes Kills
054161E0 7FFFFFFF

Max Windbreaker Kills
054161E4 7FFFFFFF

Max Kluckin' Crew Killed
05416384 7FFFFFFF

Max Soldiers Killed
05416354 7FFFFFFF

Max Total DNA

Fantasy Atoll Story Missions Completed
054164F4 00000006

Fantasy Atoll Odd Jobs Completed
054164F8 00000003

Fantasy Atoll Energy Cells Collected
054164FC 0000001F

Fantasy Atoll Datacores Recovered
05416500 00000006

Fairfield Energy Cells Collected
054164D4 00000027

Fairfield Datacores Recoverd
054164D8 00000005

Fairfield Odd Jobs Completed
054164D0 00000005

Fairfield Story Missions Completed
054164CC 00000005

Vietmahl Story Missions Completed
054164E0 00000006

Vietmahl Odd Jobs Completed
054164E4 00000004

Vietmahl Energy Cells Collected
054164E8 00000025

Vietmahl Datacores Recovered
054164EC 00000006

Harbor City Data Cores Recovered
054164C4 00000006

Harbor City Energy Cells Collected
054164C0 00000025

Harbor City Odd Jobs Completed
054164BC 00000005

Harbor City Story Missions Completed
054164B8 00000006

Data Cores Recovered
054164B0 00000017

Energy Cells Colleted
054164AC 00000090

Odd Jobes Completed
054164A8 00000011

Story Missions Completed
054164A4 00000017

Max Komeer Beige Killed
05416414 7FFFFFFF

Max Resort Staff Killed
05416474 7FFFFFFF

Max Electricity Bill
05416230 7FFFFFFF

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all of the guns right left down left up
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