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Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers Preview for Wii

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Look Mum, no plane...
Look Mum, no plane...

Look Mum, no plane...

You know, sometimes it can be really hard living with telekinetic powers. For one thing, everyone tends to treat you like a freak: people don't invite you to parties as they're worried that you'll get drunkenly belligerent and make their head explode, like that bit in Scanners. Still, it's certainly a gift that has its advantages. If you're watching TV and can't find the remote, you can change the channel via your little grey cells. And when a ferret steals something important from you, you can levitate the little bugger and smash his brains out against a wall.

If you were playing any other game series, you might be surprised to find yourself molesting a rodent with your mental prowess - but this is the Crystal Chronicles series, an offshoot of the Final Fantasy franchise. Round here, you come to expect such oddness. As a follow-up to 2003's well-received Gamecube action RPG, Crystal Bearers seems to be packed with all the familiar FF ingredients: eccentric characters, a world filled with deformed-yet-cute races, and an epic, apocalyptic storyline. After an initial announcement at E3 in 2005, Square Enix promptly fell silent and refused to talk about the project - leading many gamers to assume it had been canned. As it turns out, the game is alive and well- and since the Wii is hardly overflowing with top-quality RPGs, we're hoping it'll be worth the wait.

Crystal Bearers actually takes place roughly 1000 years after its Gamecube-based predecessor. As you'd might expect, things have changed quite a bit: one of the world's four main races, the magic-focused Yukes, have all but disappeared after a long war with the Lilties - a nation of feudal midgets. These stunty chaps have all but completely banned the use of magic, with the exception of a few chosen warriors, known as Crystal Bearers. Naturally, you play one of these lucky few - a blond haired hero by the name of Layle, with a magical stone embedded in his cheek.

At the start of the story, Layle has been assigned to guard a giant Liltian airship known as the Alexis. This is supposed to be a fairly straightforward assignment, and when we first find Layle he's actually asleep in the cockpit of his escort aircraft. This slumber is short-lived, however, and he's soon woken by his partner - a red-headed Selkie named Keiss. A massive group of winged monsters suddenly appear out of nowhere, so Layle takes them on in bravado fashion: he hurls an enormous gun out into the air, then dives out after it and battles the monsters as he falls. Gravity based street-death is no fear for this young chap, as he can more or less flying using his telekinetic powers.

This fight proves to be your first interaction in the game. Layle's movement is handled automatically, while you use the remote to aim and gun down the flying beasties assaulting the Alexis. It's a simple enough introduction to the action, but it works well as a set piece to get the ball rolling - and importantly, it establishes Layle as a bit of a badass. The winged demons go down without too much hassle, but it's just the start of our hero's problems: almost as soon as the fight is over, a mysterious gold-armoured Yuke appears aboard the Alexis. This new threat, who goes by the name of Amidatelion, promptly steals the crystals which power the ship.

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Release Date: 05/02/2010
Publisher: Square-Enix Co
Genre: Adventure
No. Players: One
Rating: PEGI 12+
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