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Gamescom isn't quite the year-defining event that E3 is, but it's become a big deal in the video game calendar. This year it'll host demos of all the biggest games and hopefully bring a few big announcements. Here's what we're most excited about.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

You know how many hours we've poured into Oblivion? No, neither do we, but it's definitely a triple-figure number. As we currently muddle our way through the summer drought, our cravings for a game with a sense of scale as epic as Oblivion intensify. We want a game that will engulf us, one that we can lose whole days playing (although hopefully not all of us at once); strolling through forests and caves, looting villages and scrapping with dragons. 2011 has been a great year for games so far, but most the big games have been very tightly controlled experiences, carefully choreographed with little in the way of exploration. We want a world to get lost in, and Skyrim will be the perfect place to do that.

Uncharted 3

Uncharted 2 was something else, wasn't it? Naughty Dog raised the benchmark for script writing, voice acting and camera work to such a height, that every action adventure title since has simply paled in comparison. Enslaved came close, but it failed to match the spectacle of Nathan Drake's globe-trotting adventures. Uncharted 3 could be the only game able to match (or exceed) that quality, which puts a horrendous amount of pressure on the game. Still, it's hard to be anything but excited, and going by all the footage we've seen of the game so far, we doubt anyone will be disappointed.

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User Comments

dazzadavie's Avatar


Really want to hear more about Borderlands 2 and while I really looking forward to BF3 all I want is to see the 360 version.
Posted 07:23 on 12 August 2011
reynoldio's Avatar


The first four you mention are my four most excited games for the moment at all. Even though that sentence doesn't make sense.

Also quite excited about the Vita, more concrete details would be good.
Posted 18:34 on 11 August 2011
Stegosaurus-Guy-II's Avatar

Stegosaurus-Guy-II@ Clockpunk

The Playstation 3 Slim was announced at Gamescom, that was pretty big news.

As for games...eerr...Fable 3?
Posted 22:44 on 09 August 2011
Endless's Avatar


I'm with you Emily, Guild Wars 2 for game of show! I'm calling it!!!

Excited to hear more about Mass effect 3, Borderlands 2 and Skyrim and Phantasy Star Online 2 needs to be announced as coming to consoles, hop to it SEGA! DO something right/good for once!

I dont want to see ANYTHING about MW3 or BF3...what is there left to show? Soldiers have guns nd tanks, they shoot people. Done.

I'd like to see a bit more about Streetfighter X Tekken too :)
Posted 21:20 on 09 August 2011
Chaza_snake's Avatar


some more far cry 3 and bioshock infinite would be great
Posted 20:54 on 09 August 2011
Wido's Avatar


Borderlands 2! 1 million TU for VG.
Posted 17:25 on 09 August 2011
Geraface's Avatar


NCsoft are revealing a new MMO. Yeah! Sitting on the edge of your seat for that one, I bet.
Posted 17:18 on 09 August 2011
Clockpunk's Avatar


Has there been *any* game reveals at Gamescom...?
Posted 17:16 on 09 August 2011
Geraface's Avatar


I'm quitting.
Posted 17:13 on 09 August 2011
IndoorHeroes's Avatar


Guild what?
Posted 17:12 on 09 August 2011
Geraface's Avatar


I love that it specifies I'm the only one who gives a damn about Guild Wars.
Posted 17:08 on 09 August 2011

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