XCOM: Enemy Unknown: Part 1: Missions 1 and 2


Description: Forumites Njeezy, Dazza Davie, Clockpunk and Japan! kick off our campaign against the aliens. But will they all come home in one piece?

Publish Date: 11 October, 2012

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Great stuff. I'm pretty sure I'd be at Matt's level if I started playing this.
Posted 17:39 on 12 October 2012
rbevanx's Avatar

rbevanx@ dazzadavie

I think the last video Neon and Matt do should be a funeral for the dead.

I can just see it being like that Coupling episode where they are fighting not to burst out laughing.
Posted 12:12 on 12 October 2012
altaranga's Avatar

altaranga@ dazzadavie

*minute's silence*
Posted 10:55 on 12 October 2012
dazzadavie's Avatar


God that was FANTASTIC!! I'm so happy to of made it though the first mission with kills and being shot. So many times I was left behind with up grades in UFO that I'm happy to be the heavy.

Show Spoiler Clockpunk's time with us was short but he will never be forgotten. He was a highly respected trooper who was quick to make friends and the first to help anyone around the barracks. He loved his job and believed in our goals, he carried out his jutes with the up most professionalism on base and on the battlefield right till the end. He will always be remembered as the first loss of XCOM, but also the first true hero to lay his life on the line for Earth.
To our brother in arms CLOCKPUNK!
Posted 10:38 on 12 October 2012
Njeezy's Avatar


Watching these videos with my namesake in action is a lot tenser than I expected.

Covering fire please.
Posted 01:07 on 12 October 2012
FantasyMeister's Avatar


For Ellen Ripley:

Bullet Swarm: Firing the primary weapon as the first action no longer ends the turn.
Suppression: Can fire a special shot that grants reaction fire at a single target. The target also suffers a -30 Aim penalty.
HEAT Ammo: Confers +100% damage against robotic enemies.
Grenadier: Allows 2 grenades in a single inventory slot.
Rocketeer: Allows 1 additional standard rocket to be fired per battle.

This is assuming she makes it to Corporal and continues surviving through the next 4 ranks.
Posted 22:51 on 11 October 2012


Can't wait to get a copy tomorrow.
It may be difficult to get everyones choices for progression especially if you do two missions each week, though s_h_a_d_o's suggestion of benching could solve this but I don't mind Matt choosing my chaps progression (Japan!) when or even if she progresses that is.
Posted 22:13 on 11 October 2012
s_h_a_d_o's Avatar

s_h_a_d_o@ MJTH

I tend to agree, though the logistics of awaiting response from named participants might be a problem - perhaps squad members so promoted could be relegated to the side bench (for a set period), until they've indicated their choice(s)?

*observes a moment's silence for Clockpunk*

P.S. Anyone else a little worried over Matt's enthusiasm for recklessness?
Posted 20:16 on 11 October 2012
rbevanx's Avatar


I'm starting to regret not getting this now. Will get it on the steam sale now when that happens...
Posted 18:26 on 11 October 2012
MJTH's Avatar


Oooh, exciting! I won't spoil the surprise, but people who get promoted should probably get to choose their own skill . Make it more engaging for them.
Posted 18:20 on 11 October 2012
altaranga's Avatar


The names thing was a great idea. Really enjoyed it!!
Posted 16:28 on 11 October 2012
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