XCOM: Enemy Unknown: Mission 6


Description: Matt takes a bunch of rookies to an abduction site in Birmingham. Will the new blood prove themselves, or will it end in tears?

Publish Date: 31 October, 2012

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Hooded's Avatar


Very risky tactics Matt, but it payed off :)

As i'm an assault, I would like 1. Aggression, 2. Lightning Reflexes, 3. Flush, 4. Bring ‘Em On, 5. Extra Conditioning, 6. Resilience. Thanks boys.
Posted 19:36 on 01 November 2012
MrGloomy's Avatar


If Will Smith is going to be a suicide sniper, I think you may want to adjust his skill progress towards the pistol route skill tree. 'For those close encounters'
Posted 10:03 on 01 November 2012
Sov's Avatar


Show Spoiler Killing aliens like a baws! (a pretty lucky one).
Posted 18:46 on 31 October 2012


Show Spoiler well done matt, impressive use (luck) with the oversight ability; the aim penalty appeared none existent
Posted 18:34 on 31 October 2012
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