XCOM: Enemy Unknown: Jake Solomon Goes Undercover


Description: XCOM: Enemy Unknown's lead designer goes undercover at a local video game store to sell his game - with hilarious results!

Publish Date: 4 October, 2012

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dazzadavie's Avatar


PR gold, really great they did this and even though he didn't sell one I think it was brave of him to do it.

Show Spoiler "I'll go half's with you, the games like $120 so you pay $60 and I'll pay the other $60" for us here the game sales for $60
Posted 14:02 on 04 October 2012
rbevanx's Avatar


Loved the video but blown away by someone who has a 360 in their glove box in their car. Even Jake burst out laughing to that one :P
Posted 13:42 on 04 October 2012
altaranga's Avatar


PMSL. The dude's comedy genius.

My favs...
Show Spoiler

"It's not 'Neeeeeeee' it's 'Mmmmmmmm' you know... and then *pats chest*"

"It's like chess with big guns against aliens... which isn't like chess at all when I think about it."

"You guys like aliens?"
"No exactly, you like shooting aliens right?"

"You can be playing for like 10 hours and lose this game. That doesn't sound like fun when I say it like that but, uh... but it is."
Posted 13:16 on 04 October 2012
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Jake Solomon Goes Undercover
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