World of Warplanes: Extended Play


Description: Chris (Maverick) and Dave (Goose) take to the skies in the World of Warplanes beta. Play it yourself:

Publish Date: 15 July, 2013

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As I'm a World of Tanks player, thought I'd give it a go. It's not too bad. Think there are things they definitely need to work on - maneuverability with keyboard/mouse being one, and, my current bugbear: being fined for crashes. If someone crashes into me, I get fined for it. Little bit unfair I think (yes, this happened a few times to me :blushing: )

All in all though, it's not bad. I actually quite like it.
Posted 00:12 on 17 July 2013
WSX's Avatar


I've been playing World of Warplanes since closed beta. With the transition to the open beta, nothing has changed. World of Warplanes still has horrible flight and control models. The gameplay is weak.

War Thunder ( is much better in all terms, from the flight control to graphics and gameplay. War Thunder has better arcade mode, better realism mode, more planes, better flight models, better damage models, significantly better graphics, better control options. You do not even need to have a joystick, mouse and keyboard will be enough.
Posted 15:13 on 16 July 2013


They've had some suggestions on YT to try War Thunder instead, so hopefully a kind of comparison video will be made.

I downloaded and tried it for myself yesterday after reading that, and so realised its by Gaijin.

Basically, it's Birds of Steel (Xbox 360/PS3), but with the campaign completely stripped out, so it's not surprising that it's a pretty polished experience out of the... internet tubes? :P
Posted 11:00 on 16 July 2013
s_h_a_d_o's Avatar


Erm, Chris... doesn't Ol' Bessie have a rear gunner?
Or is he just a cardboard cutout to distract those on your tail, rather than destroy?
Posted 03:23 on 16 July 2013
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