Watch Dogs: 14 Minute Gameplay Demo


Description: Learn how to infiltrate a ctOS Control Center in this brand new 14 minute gameplay demo.

Publish Date: 4 September, 2013

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The more I see the less I want. 'Outpost' gameplay (tackle one objective to open up a score of others) is kinda Ubisoft's speciality now (take out a pirate base, climb a viewpoint) and to see it again in Watch Dogs is a little disappointing.

There's nothing wrong with outpost gameplay per se, it's just getting a little samey now, for me at least. It needs a new twist or new mechanic again to freshen things up.
Posted 07:46 on 05 September 2013
Click to play 14 Minute Gameplay Demo
14 Minute Gameplay Demo
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Dedsec Trailer
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Gameplay Series Part 1: Hacking is Your Weapon
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Honours Trailer

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