VGX 2013: Abridged Review


Description: Matt Lees returns with the biggest & most ruthless Abridged video yet. Get it while it's still hot.

Publish Date: 10 December, 2013

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Karlius's Avatar


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Reggie Fillet-O-Fish
Posted 23:23 on 10 December 2013
Demmi's Avatar


Well the show was at the best of times painful and awkawrd to watch.
Posted 23:21 on 10 December 2013
valentin813's Avatar


oh this would have been painful to watch; watching this over and over for you matt for having to endure this.
Posted 23:14 on 10 December 2013
Kadayi's Avatar


The Tomb Raider girl is actually British. Not sure why you think otherwise Matt.
Posted 22:46 on 10 December 2013
Lifeglug's Avatar


Hey now, I rate Gone Home as one of my favourite games this year, it was absolutely fantastic.
Posted 21:42 on 10 December 2013
Gxnge's Avatar


Brilliant vid, Ii was absolutely cracking up, love the work!
Posted 21:36 on 10 December 2013


That is indeed a lot of dick. Great vid as always! :0)
Posted 21:18 on 10 December 2013
vivster's Avatar



Could you do a commentary about why you think that a Telltale game of Borderlands is such a bad idea?
Posted 20:03 on 10 December 2013
Nuclear_Moose's Avatar


*Insert praise of the video that is not constructive in the slightest* :> it really was a good video, all your hard work paid off :> (the first bit was not meant to be sarcastic, though it may seem a bit like it)
Posted 19:03 on 10 December 2013
MilesofMachines's Avatar


Man, mental standing ovation for this. This "show" is such an embarrassment.
Posted 17:00 on 10 December 2013


I hope Matt is alright, if he needs a Doctor now I could spend some Money.
Posted 16:56 on 10 December 2013
Guybrushinator's Avatar


It was good
Posted 16:50 on 10 December 2013


Can't believe you put yourself through it Matt.

Thank you.
Posted 16:46 on 10 December 2013
fylth's Avatar


Glorious, I didn't catch the actual show but I feel from this I probably didn't miss anything
Posted 16:41 on 10 December 2013
anialator136's Avatar


thank god for Matt Lees to take the piss out of an embarrassing show
Posted 16:38 on 10 December 2013
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