VGX 2013: Abridged Review


Description: Matt Lees returns with the biggest & most ruthless Abridged video yet. Get it while it's still hot.

Publish Date: 10 December, 2013

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User Comments

GeorgeOglee's Avatar


I love these abridged videos a bit too much c':
Posted 06:21 on 31 January 2014
Alch3mist's Avatar


every abridged video that Matt makes are the funniest things I've ever heard!
Posted 06:53 on 28 December 2013
Nxs's Avatar


They were paid :D
Posted 21:33 on 19 December 2013
cynicalcookie's Avatar


How the hell did bioshock infinite win best shooter of the year
Posted 21:31 on 19 December 2013
grovberg's Avatar


To be fair, Joel McHale's (who I like) entire range is somewhere between detached indifference and ironic contempt.
Posted 20:39 on 17 December 2013
Grip_Chimp's Avatar


We might all laugh, but you can bet your bottom dollar some corporate suit will see the amount of views generated and think "Hey, that was an unbridled success!" and it'll be the same again next year.

Guys; the people in charge don't play games. Or understand games. That's the reason ***** like this happens every damn time.
Posted 21:00 on 12 December 2013
RayzTheRoof's Avatar


I appreciate the Stanley Parable spoiler, thanks a bunch!
Posted 17:28 on 12 December 2013
WhatISayGoes's Avatar


you give us light in the night
you shine when other things are just fine
you are a star no matter where you are
you give us hope...... all hail the DORITO POPE.
Posted 15:45 on 12 December 2013
CoffeeJezus's Avatar


Sh!t-hot video, Matt - well played *^-^*

Geoff looked like he'd been shopping with Christopher Nolan in Primark.
Posted 12:27 on 12 December 2013
Kadayi's Avatar

Kadayi@ Jam_Sponge

6 years is hardly a long time. She was English enough in Califonication.
Posted 14:58 on 11 December 2013
9193bb's Avatar


I thought there were Americanisms in Tomb Raider but when I said it people just personally insulted me rather than politely disagreeing , the joys of the internet.
Posted 14:22 on 11 December 2013
Jam_Sponge's Avatar

Jam_Sponge@ Kadayi

It was when she struggled to do an impression of Lara without sounding American, to be honest. She's been an ex-pat for wayyyyy too long by the sounds of it...
Posted 11:23 on 11 December 2013
YGBjammy's Avatar


"Have you actually sold any consoles yet?"
"HAHAHAha..... leave me alone..."
Posted 07:33 on 11 December 2013
Alec's Avatar

Alec@ Karlius

Broken link... Put it on Imgur or something.
Posted 05:01 on 11 December 2013
Alec's Avatar

Alec@ vivster

Ask him in the podcast questions.
Posted 04:59 on 11 December 2013
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