Tomb Raider: Win a load of Tomb Raider stuff


Description: Want to win a limited edition copy of the game, in addition to loads of bonus stuff? Check out our unboxing vid to find out how. (T&C: One entry per person, winner must be UK based.)

Publish Date: 8 March, 2013

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p0rtalthinker's Avatar

p0rtalthinker@ altaranga

Technically I commented, so you can add me to the list :p
Posted 02:10 on 11 March 2013
NotoriousMC's Avatar


So where can i get a sweet ass sweater like that good sir!
Posted 01:52 on 11 March 2013
Dan_Glebals's Avatar


Will just leave a little comment here.
Posted 00:36 on 11 March 2013
Marink's Avatar


Just by looking at some of these names I can almost tell who will post ever again and who won't...
Posted 23:53 on 10 March 2013
1337's Avatar


Brilliant box of stuff here. Well worth winning :D PS4 'coverage' was amazing by the way :)
Posted 23:44 on 10 March 2013
Pottsy47's Avatar


Nice shiney new stuff, yes please my son will think I'm the best dad ever.
Posted 23:25 on 10 March 2013
altaranga's Avatar


YouTube Video

Good news everyone. The following dorks, all of whom have entered this competition, seem blissfully unaware of the "winner must be UK based" rule.

Being_Unreal (USA)
slashnox (POL)
Bellagio67 (CAN)
pillar (RUS)
XxKNightRO5xX (USA)
RougeGamer (USA)
velho (FIN)
metalhedgear (USA)
DrNinja (USA)
SuperSmashKart (USA)
Antonovitch (DEN)
Totalgamer (USA)
zyzyx2311 (GER)
GamingWithLC (CYP)
vickydapos (CAN)
Draken (LUX)
Wardess (BEL)
EdwardJames (USA)
Thumper12 (USA)
disulfiram (BUL)
Bosshog (USA)
mikeli0023 (USA)
zangfang (SWE)
Gothix (POL)
kasp9451 (DEN)
Bioshockbang (SWE)
zork (SWE)
oCanaduh (CAN)
lopsan (MEX)
gremlinclr (USA)
tyfoon555 (USA)
thegoobynator (DEN)
Posted 23:18 on 10 March 2013
Being_Unreal's Avatar


I would pay for the postage to the US...
Posted 17:45 on 10 March 2013
slashnox's Avatar


I like the fact it says ''courage'' on it, anyway hope there's a chance for me
Posted 17:12 on 10 March 2013
Endless's Avatar


Ms Croft is certainly getting a lot of publicity in this outing! Awesome competition yet again guys! New controller would be brilliant for me as my 5-6 year old original pretty much has no rubber left on the sticks lol
Posted 16:07 on 10 March 2013
slapdashwallap's Avatar


I need Lara back in my life!
Posted 13:25 on 10 March 2013
jseaman2's Avatar


Awesome swag!! Loving that it comes with the guide for impatient duffers like me!!
Posted 11:51 on 10 March 2013
nicctaylor's Avatar


I would love to win this, I need a bit of adventure in my life. At the moment my idea of adventure is taking the long way home!
Posted 10:54 on 10 March 2013


I would love to win this, but only if it was delivered in some suitably action packed way maybe attach the package to an arrow and fire it at my house.
Posted 10:10 on 10 March 2013
Bellagio67's Avatar


Oh man! I've heard and seen a lot about this game, but I don't have a copy! It'd be so cool to have all that stuff. The mug is great, because my life is powered by coffee!
Posted 06:37 on 10 March 2013
Click to play Caves & Cliffs Multiplayer Map Pack Launch Trailer
Caves & Cliffs Multiplayer Map Pack Launch Trailer
Click to play Win a load of Tomb Raider stuff
Win a load of Tomb Raider stuff
Click to play Lara's Gap Yah
Lara's Gap Yah
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