The Last of Us: Why We Were Wrong


Description: Simon was worried about The Last of Us, and now he's pleased to explain why the demo he played didn't do justice to the final game.

Publish Date: 5 June, 2013

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Wasp's Avatar


Everyone should be happy you were wrong. :p
Posted 01:14 on 06 June 2013


Very refreshing to see such honesty - nearly cancelled the pre order on the first video but now I can't wait. Recent joiner but love the site. Keep it up
Posted 18:30 on 05 June 2013
MJTH's Avatar


I salute you sir! Another reason to love VG, you guys admit your mistakes and want to improve on them/ make things right :)
Posted 16:28 on 05 June 2013
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Why We Were Wrong
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Multiplayer Gameplay Trailer
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Should you be concerned?
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Behind the Scenes Part 2: Wasteland Beautiful

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