The Last of Us: Should you be concerned?


Description: After playing through the demo, Simon shares some mixed thoughts regarding The Last of Us, in this video preview. We've got some new gameplay to show you as well, so come and have a look!

Publish Date: 17 May, 2013

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Why don't your shoulders fit into your clothes? Buy better clothes.

It would be extremely difficult for a new IP to step in and be as good as Uncharted 2 and i guess this is what people are expecting. Personally, I'm in it for the atmosphere and suspense. I didn't mind the shooting in Uncharted and I'm wondering if the upside down shooting bit is intentional? You were hanging upside down, after all. I'm not at all expecting The Last of Us to be the next big thing. But I do enjoy adventures.. A lot! So the opportunity of playing a mature adventure in a beautifully atmospheric world, meeting/interacting with some great characters and losing myself inside a realised game world becomes quite tempting. For me, I want The Last of Us to deliver the same feeling I had stepping onto the Ishimura, or wandering through Thieves Landing in the rain. The action is merely a conclusion to my anticipation :)
Posted 18:37 on 18 May 2013
Click to play Why We Were Wrong
Why We Were Wrong
Click to play Multiplayer Gameplay Trailer
Multiplayer Gameplay Trailer
Click to play Should you be concerned?
Should you be concerned?
Click to play Behind the Scenes Part 2: Wasteland Beautiful
Behind the Scenes Part 2: Wasteland Beautiful

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