Ten Reasons Why YOU'RE WRONG About Assassin's Creed


Description: Jim tackles ten of the most common arguments against Assassin's Creed's existence.

Publish Date: 23 May, 2014

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Agree with ye on nearly everything but still flip flop between liking and hatting it. Assassins Creed is a good bit of fun until it actually tries to be a “game”, find myself having way more fun when just farting around in the world collecting all the nonsense and randoms fights with guards. The moment I have to goto x, follow x, capture x or collect x number of x I end up hating the game. Seems to be similar *****e since AC1. One of the reasons I am worried about Watch Dogs. Sci-Fi, hacking, open world all sound *****ing great but why after watching 15 trailers have I only seen how I can hack ATMs, get data on people by standing next to them, use pop-up bollards to stop cars and that all women in Chicago and moments away from being attacked by men….its all just pickpocketing, eavesdropping, and interrogation missions from AC1….same bit of repetitive *****e.

Was loving AC4 until the Travelling Salesman mission, pissed me off so much that I put down the game.

Its just brain off popcorn gaming, which is fine but do us a favour UbiSoft….just have a skip mission feature.
Posted 22:41 on 26 May 2014


I think Desmond was alright in his part. I mean he was suppose to be a run away teen who hated his father and became a bartender. He sounds like a bit of a cock and he played it as such.
Also, I really liked Connor. He seemed more real than Ezio did, who got boring after shagging everything in three games. Still, cried in the Embers mini movie.
Posted 15:28 on 24 May 2014
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