State of Decay: Stick with it


Description: State of Decay has a bunch of problems, but Chris seems convinced that you might just love it anyway.

Publish Date: 24 June, 2013

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JPedz's Avatar


After watching the video I love the sound of this game! Problems being, that it's not on PC so I can't play it :(. The sound of an actual survival zombie game, rather than a "here's a chainsaw, go beat some zombies up God of War/Batman style, but without a story" game... (I'd rather play God of War/Batman :P). Just sounds like a shame it wasn't executed so well. But there's always hope for sequels :)?
Posted 19:35 on 25 June 2013
dazzadavie's Avatar


Chris I will be getting soon just putting the points together atm.
Posted 07:59 on 25 June 2013
RetroDaddio's Avatar


If I can put up with the ***** from Black Ops 2 (Beta!), this will be a breeze..
Posted 20:44 on 24 June 2013
CorruptSaves's Avatar


Well, not having a 360 I would enjoy seeing more of this.
Posted 20:29 on 24 June 2013
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Breakdown - Who's it for and should they buy it?
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State of Decay

State of Decay
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