StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm: Intro Cinematic Analysis


Description: Videogamer's Pair of Matts take a closer look at the new trailer for Heart of the Swarm, and generally get excited about Starcraft II.

Publish Date: 22 January, 2013

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I'm very much mooking forward to this. Probably my 2nd most anticipated title after BioShock Infinite. I'd like it to be delayed until summer so I can play it without breaks for a while, but I'm just glad it's coming out.

That said, this is Blizzard, so maybe they'll delay it because of adding PvP to D3.

I'm looking forward to getting good at the multiplayer again.
Posted 20:06 on 22 January 2013
Catterick's Avatar

Catterick@ Bloodstorm

@reynoldio If you like RTS games then you would probably enjoy WoL.

@Bloodstorm It's an expansion, so you'll need WoL to play it
Posted 19:50 on 22 January 2013
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If Heart is standalone, nah just wait, if not YES!!!!

My life for Aiur.
Posted 17:10 on 22 January 2013
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I really should pick up Wings of Liberty, huh?!
Posted 16:50 on 22 January 2013
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Doh, of course it's a Nydus worm. I'm such an idiot. Kinda shows how little I play Zerg (Protoss for life!) The rolling units do look just like banelings, but moving super fast. Maybe just artistic freedom?
Posted 14:20 on 22 January 2013


Couple of things. @1:40 is Nydus worm has the same shape mouth anyway. And just before that, there are rolling units that look like Banelings, but rolling (faster) versions?

Also being a bit of a fanboy the planet is probably Korhal 4, which is basically the seat of the empire. So likely an attack on Mengsk.

(Why do I know this crap?)
Posted 14:08 on 22 January 2013
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