Starbound: Is it Cooked Enough?


Description: It's been in the celestial oven for a while now, and it's not done yet. But is it worth your time already? Jim dipped his finger into Starbound's space exploration cake mix to find out.

Publish Date: 1 March, 2014

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Endless@ Silverhawklb

This is exactly why I've never played it beyond making a wooden house with a door. That's literally all I managed to do.
Posted 22:32 on 04 March 2014
Silverhawklb's Avatar


Starbound is a great game, but sadly the tutorial is horrible! They make the game feel so boring because the player assumes that the Matter Manipulator is how you mine, while the first thing you should be told to make is a pickaxe! The pickaxe mines a 3x3 area and is way faster, while the Matter Manipulator mines 1 spot and takes forever!
Posted 03:48 on 04 March 2014


So true what you say in the first Minute, thumbs up for that!

Well, for the rest too of course. I tried out a bit of Starbound but didn't spend to much Time with it. But I plan to change that.
Posted 10:12 on 02 March 2014
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