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Sound Shapes: Extended Play


Description: Neon and Dave get down with the boogie and throw some shapes... some Sound Shapes!

Publish Date: 9 August, 2012

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User Comments

VG_Dave's Avatar


Watching this back, it looks a lot better than it felt while I was playing it. Very odd.
Posted 19:59 on 09 August 2012
CheekyLee's Avatar


I genuinely giggled at "Apeth". Personally, I would call Dave a philistine, purely for the Rez dislike!

And I agree with PB. I will be getting this day 1.
Posted 19:02 on 09 August 2012
pblive's Avatar


Well I'm sold after watching this.
Posted 18:19 on 09 August 2012
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Sound Shapes

Sound Shapes
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