SimCity (2013): Gameplay Strategy Video 1


Description: Producer Stone Librande discusses the strategy and simulation behind SimCity.

Publish Date: 4 October, 2012


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Interesting how they have removed water pipe networks. They added a nice amount of strategy as to how to maximise water travel using minimum piping but, then again it was just a small part of previous games. And the addition of sewage kind of added some depth anyway so having to route both sewage and water pipes get confusing.

I also like that it seems easier to specialise in city designs, I had a problem with that is SC4, as the advisors in that game were always aiming for a fairly generic city that was ever expanding, and regional help system seemed to merely go as far as goods export/ import and utility.

If I was sure my PC could run this I would totally buy this game. It's a shame keyboard and mouse never became a viable alternative on consoles.
Posted 20:28 on 04 October 2012

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