Saints Row 4 Extended Play


Description: Matt and Simon explore the alien-infested version of Steelport. Saints Row is back, but is it worth another visit?

Publish Date: 12 August, 2013

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thedanyrand's Avatar


Im one of the people who liked Saints Row 3 over the last GTA for the reasons they were talking about. Saints Row was what a video game should be for me, just mindless fun, not serious, just relaxing with some shooting and not a care in the world. GTA was great but after awhile the idea of a guy who doesnt want to be in a war that is shooting people constantly just gets to you.
Posted 00:56 on 22 August 2013
Placono's Avatar


Look's like good fun, but everyone's minds seem focused on GTA, I think that says a lot about what Saint's Row has become, too carried away IMO
Posted 14:59 on 12 August 2013
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