Payday 2: The VideoGamer Heist


Description: Three dangerous criminals join forces to steal loads of stuff, but will their individual greed and/or ineptitude get the better of them?!

Publish Date: 16 August, 2013

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Wasp's Avatar


Great, you should do this kind of vids more often. Just like Batmamerc it made me want this game badly.
Posted 00:08 on 01 September 2013
Batmamerc's Avatar


Another great comedy episode, this has made me want this game, I think you should do a heist a week video.
Posted 10:17 on 19 August 2013


You guys are my favourite. The Charlie Chalk reference elevates this video to another level.
Posted 00:13 on 17 August 2013
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The VideoGamer Heist
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Payday Web Series Episode 3
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Payday 2
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