Mount Your Friends: Best Xbox Indies


Description: Tight pants and big dreams. The VG team engages in brutal banana-hammock battle. Who will triumph?

Publish Date: 8 July, 2013

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User Comments

Hootles's Avatar


Banana hammock - had me laughing for actual minutes.
Posted 16:43 on 12 July 2013
Chlandy's Avatar


I REALLY hope this gets onto Steam so I can play it, looks like a brilliant party game
Posted 11:52 on 10 July 2013
Njeezy's Avatar


That video was pure brilliance.
Posted 22:36 on 08 July 2013
Duckman0121's Avatar


Click for Image Terrifying
Posted 21:21 on 08 July 2013
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Best Xbox Indies
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Honedge Revealed
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VideoGamer's Lovely Gallery: Scrolls Competition
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Producer Interview - Episode 3

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