Mass Effect 3: Better with Kinect Feature


Description: Check out a behind the scenes look at Mass Effect 3's Better with Kinect functionality. You can now use Kinect Voice Control to change weapons, communicate with other characters and even throw grenades!

Publish Date: 18 January, 2012

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I think they over played the "It's the best thing evarrrr" vibe - would have been more believable if midway through a bloke/blokess went:

*shrugs* "Yeah, it's alright I guess"

The youtube feedback isn't too rosy :0|
Posted 19:03 on 19 January 2012
gordaluk's Avatar


For me looks as pathetic as rest of the kinect commercials.
Posted 14:06 on 19 January 2012
andyb2610's Avatar


looks interesting, but how fluid willl responses from your team actually be?
Posted 11:31 on 19 January 2012
dav2612's Avatar


Communicating with other characters I can understand but voice control to change a weapon or throw a grenade?
Posted 09:15 on 19 January 2012
Clockpunk's Avatar


H'oooooooy boy! I cannot WAIT to hear Martin's thoughts on this in the next podcast (hopefully) :D
Posted 18:35 on 18 January 2012
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Voice Cast Reveal Feature
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Better with Kinect Feature
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