Mario Kart 8: February 2014 Trailer


Description: Mario Kart races onto Wii U on May 30th. See brand new characters and courses in this footage.

Publish Date: 14 February, 2014

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alphafour's Avatar


I imagine all of these supposedly system-seller games are going to give system sales a jolt for a few weeks but after that they will return to normal like we've seen in the sales charts.

Wii U has been pulling in about 50k global weekly sales (on a good week) before and right after the holiday season so when these games come out let's say it goes up to 200k a week for 2 weeks? It will still probably drop back down to 50k again so they are pretty much doomed at this point.

I'm not making this stuff up - just look at the available sales figures - it's all in the numbers! Compare it with the PS4 where no new games are out and demand is still through the roof - that's what you call a successful console launch (and it hasn't even touched down in Japan yet).
Posted 21:58 on 16 February 2014
Woodfella's Avatar


MAY 30th is really, really late. I was expecting March/April. Ah well
Posted 15:25 on 14 February 2014


THAT'S IT! The "kids" are getting a Wii U next Xmas!
Posted 15:12 on 14 February 2014
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