Lovely Gallery: Design a Mask for Simon


Description: We asked and you delivered! Here are some of our favourite entries from this month's podcast competition.

Publish Date: 3 September, 2013

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Chris, you should really be more careful when looking over the entries... spilling ketchup all over the place. Pfft.
Posted 15:36 on 03 September 2013
dazzadavie's Avatar


Don't hate me for mine :(

I had a lot of fun as was really upset that I wasn't going to be able to cut Chris's hair out of there pic, there is so much of it!
Posted 15:31 on 03 September 2013
Weasel_Pants's Avatar


i like the way i managed to gain 17 years in just under a month XD
Posted 14:57 on 03 September 2013
Spookjax's Avatar


The artistic creativity of the VideoGamer forum truly knows no bounds.
Posted 14:47 on 03 September 2013
Bratterz's Avatar

Bratterz@ Duckman0121

Ahhhh, no! Out of all the entries to get wrong, I managed to pick the one that clearly took a crazy amount of work. Sorry Duckman. My bad!
Posted 14:46 on 03 September 2013
Duckman0121's Avatar


You labelled my entry as mipply's (#blamechris)

Video was hilarious though
Posted 14:43 on 03 September 2013
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