Let's Play MANGO RPG


Description: Matt and Chris discover the true reason for Matt's departure from VideoGamer. Looking back, it was pretty damn obvious.

Publish Date: 3 February, 2014

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altaranga's Avatar


There are not enough superlatives in the world.

Cracking stuff.

(If you don't win MotM then I will personally pay for someone to go down to the VG office and bugger them all).
Posted 23:17 on 04 February 2014
NylePudding's Avatar

NylePudding@ RamTheDragon

Haha, that's quite a statement. Thanks! :)
Posted 17:47 on 04 February 2014
NylePudding's Avatar

NylePudding@ BritishWolf

I used Game Maker Studio to make the game, and I would definitely recommend it to someone starting off. The software seems a bit limited at first but if you get into the programming side of it you can make some really professional stuff. (Even more professional than Mango RPG ;) )
Posted 17:46 on 04 February 2014
NylePudding's Avatar

NylePudding@ yellowsapphire

Hehe, thanks! :)
Posted 17:43 on 04 February 2014


I suppose the yellowy tinge to his skin, and the spherical-esque shape of his body kind of gave it away.

Either way, that game is absolutely amazing! Nice one, NylePudding :D!
Posted 20:18 on 03 February 2014
BritishWolf's Avatar


I need to learn how to make games. And fast. Lol nice work NylePudding most inventive entry I've seen.
Posted 19:45 on 03 February 2014
RamTheDragon's Avatar


This is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen
Posted 19:34 on 03 February 2014
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