Just Cause 2: Now with Multiplayer?!


Description: Chris spent a few hours with the newly released Multiplayer Mod for Just Cause 2 last night, but this largely involved seeing what happened when you boosted different vehicles. This proved tremendous fun.

Publish Date: 17 December, 2013

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Fun the key ingredient in online multiplayer that GTA Online lacked and JC2 has in spades. All I want to do is rob cars and blow up my mates Rockstar so why make me grind dozens of crappy MMO missions first?

Also where is my JC3? Give it to me now Avalanche! Sod the Further Adventures of an Anti-Semitic Aussie! ;D
Posted 14:48 on 17 December 2013
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Now with Multiplayer?!
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Black Market Aerial Pack DLC Trailer
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Anatomy of a Stunt Trailer 8
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