Hitman Absolution: Streets of Hope Walkthrough


Description: IO Interactive walks us through the ninth level of the game, Streets of Hope, as Agent 47 goes on the hunt for Lenny the Limp.

Publish Date: 12 July, 2012

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Woffls's Avatar


YYEEESSSSS! We can hide bodies in wardrobes now! :D SOLD.

I love how many options there are now. Being able to just subdue someone and deal with them in time to clear up the mission with an accident or something is very helpful. In Hitman Blood Money, for example, in the first mission you can drop something on a target while they sat down, but they move after a while and you might miss them once you've found a place to hide. If we could subdue this person, there's no worry of them wandering off, but it would still look like an accident.

It seems to me they've paid a lot of attention to how people play Hitman games, and these tiny details are invaluable to profession assassins such as myself :p
Posted 10:18 on 17 July 2012
Batmamerc's Avatar


I'm so excited for this now looks absolutely great.
Posted 09:58 on 17 July 2012
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