Happy 100,000 Subscribers!


Description: We couldn't have done this without you! Well we could have, but it would have been a bit weird. Thanks!

Publish Date: 29 July, 2014

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altaranga's Avatar


An honourable mention should go out to Matt Lees. I'm sure his abridged videos helped you massively!!
Posted 15:58 on 31 July 2014


Congrats all. A nice video with a serious message: No matter how many subscribers we have it will never be enough! 7 billion subscribers? You'll be pushing moon-people to subscribe then!
Posted 11:46 on 30 July 2014


Congratulations to all of you :). Bloody good job!

Maybe with 200,000 you could, say, let Bratt out for 2 minutes? A '1 minute for every 100,000' kind of arrangement?
Posted 01:17 on 30 July 2014


Excellent work fellas. You've been bloody smashing this year on video and otherwise. I just love your attitude. Keep doing what yer doing! xoxoxox
Posted 00:57 on 30 July 2014


Well done Bratt! You're desperate situation made this possible... Now get back to work!
Posted 23:02 on 29 July 2014
BritishWolf's Avatar


Well done VG team! You all deserve it
Posted 21:58 on 29 July 2014
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Happy 100,000 Subscribers!
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