Grand Theft Auto 5: GAME Stratford Midnight Launch


Description: Highlights from GAME Stratford's midnight launch for GTA 5.

Publish Date: 17 September, 2013


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Batmamerc's Avatar

Batmamerc@ tvr77

I didn't mean the fans if I was at a midnight launch I would be screaming like a little girl in excitement instead I had to wait for the postman and to finish work and now wait till Friday to play :( I meant the game guy he clearly doesn't know what's going on and just reading off bullet points or presumptions.
Posted 05:37 on 18 September 2013


I agree with the Bat, it is cringe worthy, but purely because excited fans usually are.
And this GAME marketing guy does make me recoil a bit too.
Posted 13:33 on 17 September 2013
tvr77's Avatar

tvr77@ Batmamerc

Its called hype, excitement and people having fun. Don't be such a prude. This is an exciting time for all gamers the world over,
Posted 09:58 on 17 September 2013
Batmamerc's Avatar


Is it just me that found that a bit cringy lol
Posted 09:27 on 17 September 2013
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