Far Cry Classic: Launch Trailer


Description: Revamped version of Crytek's original open-world shooter available to download now on Xbox 360 and tomorrow on PlayStation 3.

Publish Date: 11 February, 2014

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wasn't a revamped version of the original far cry already remade and re-released on the 360 during the 360's launch window, which came with the expansion packs too... infact yeah, it was called far Cry Instincts predator. you can buy it now on Webuy.com (CeX) for £5.... so they want us to shell out probably 25-30quid for a digital re-release of a £5 re-release that's already available on the same system. ***** you game's industry... might be worth it if it was being released on the Xbone/PS4 (i'll take what ever games i can get at the minute to tide me over) but whats the point in this whens its already been out, with all the DLC, on the same system for YEARS. milking the success of far cry 3 i suppose :s
Posted 11:28 on 12 February 2014
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