Far Cry 3: Open World Walkthrough


Description: Explore the vast and immersive Open World of Far Cry 3 in this 13 minutes walkthrough commented by Mark Thompson, lead level designer and Jamie Keen, Lead game designer of Far Cry 3.

Publish Date: 22 October, 2012

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Clockpunk's Avatar


.... ... ... I'm convinced.

Though it really ticks me off how Game can secure preorder bonuses, so as to attempt to 'justify' their £42.99 pricetag... not that I would want to hunt big kitties wantonly, but... grrr....
Posted 15:38 on 23 November 2012
FantasyMeister's Avatar


Probably the best video to watch if you're on the fence regarding Far Cry 3. This is pure gameplay in the open world, showing hunting, recipes, crafting, combat, outpost liberations, tutorials, activities, quests and a fun little explosive ending :)

Check the map screens at around 2:50 for confirmation that this is the 360 version.

I guess my lasting impression from all the research I did from an RPG-element perspective was that this, for me, is Skyrim in the Caribbean, which is why I'm so excited for Far Cry 3 :)
Posted 15:30 on 23 November 2012
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