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Description: For the first time, grab your friends and go on adventures - up to four Heroes can cooperatively discover the quests and stories of Albion.

Publish Date: 20 August, 2013

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Im extremely disappointed with fable over the years. Fable 1 was a life changing game, made so well, such a cool storyline. Great gameplay, then the makers needed to really change it and fable two came out, which was a far cry from fable one but it was slightly playable. Then fable three came out and I just lost faith in the whole thing. I just want to know, why can't the creators make another fable 1. Don't they want to have top sellers? It's sad that they thought lots of change would make things better, instead it makes things worse. Games like fable only needed minimal change and it needed to keep what the people loved. Really a tragic game for me. All I can do is enjoy replaying the original once every few years. By the way fable anniversary was so filled with bugs, I'd really rather just play the original. Please someone talk to lionhead and tell them to go back to their roots :(
Posted 16:07 on 09 August 2015
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