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F.3.A.R. Video Review


Description: A lack of scares makes FEAR 3 a slight disappointment.

Publish Date: 4 July, 2011

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User Comments

aansystone's Avatar


its not as much scary as the poster is but i appreciate the shooting controls.
Posted 19:57 on 28 August 2011
aawells07's Avatar


Good video and review.I really wish they would have added more scares for a game named Fear you would think it would be full of scares but it is a good game still yet.
Posted 04:03 on 06 July 2011
munkee's Avatar


It seems like the franchises biggest problem comes from Monolith not being involved. Ahhh, them were the good ol' days.

Also, your video compression is great! :)
Posted 18:17 on 04 July 2011
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