Dynasty Warriors 8: Extended Play


Description: Matt and Simon may have played a game rather similar to this before...

Publish Date: 16 July, 2013

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My goodness, you actually did it. You gave a DW a wide birth.
This is why I love you guys, you'll admit that you actually have fun even if the game is pretty 'poor'.
And i'm glad that it doesn't have to be shiny and perfect to be worth a go.
Posted 21:06 on 16 July 2013
FantasyMeister's Avatar


£34.99 (Amazon) seems to be the average. Given the critic reaction so far it'll probably be £29.99 next week, £24.99 week 3 and £19.99 sometime around week 4-6. Somewhere between a pony and a score seems OK to me.
Posted 19:51 on 16 July 2013
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