DriveClub: Time Trial At Night Gameplay Footage


Description: Evolution shows off DriveClub's day/night cycle as it whips an Audi R8 around Chile's Salar de Surire.

Publish Date: 13 September, 2013

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User Comments

Endless's Avatar


Looks a bit...floaty, like the car isnt really on the road. It's the racing game equivalent of a fighting game having no sense of impact.
Posted 21:37 on 15 September 2013
dav2612's Avatar


This is certainly looking a lot better now.
Posted 17:09 on 13 September 2013
munkee's Avatar


I was quite vocal about my negativity towards this game the other day. So I'll be positive this time. I really like the look of the tracks we've been shown so far. They look like they'll be fun to race on. I can see some serious times being put in and seconds being shaved off each lap.
Posted 17:05 on 13 September 2013
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